490 Photos

I’ve taken almost five hundred photos in the twenty-four hours that I’ve been in Penang.  And I didn’t even do that much sightseeing compared to earlier visits!  Scrolling through the images on my camera I’d say that the majority of them look like quality shots with very few duplicates.  I’m going to have to think of some good articles to include them in rather than just throwing them all into one gallery.  Last nights strolls produced numerous pictures of various religious shrines and temples — I entered many an open gate in my explorations — while this afternoon brought about a return to the Protestant Cemetery where I finally came across Francis Light‘s grave.  Captain Light was the founder of Penang following a period as a trader based on Phuket.

I plan on taking a couple more photos when I return to the Thai consulate this afternoon in order to pick up my passport.  In the past I’ve resisted out of fear a guard would tell me not to but I observed somebody taking pictures today.  I return in just about an hour and I hope to catch my minibus back to Hat Yai.  With luck, I’ll be back in Phuket around midnight tonight.  As there are no classes at school tomorrow I plan to spend a couple of hours in an internet cafe uploading the backlog of photos (some from Phuket Town, many from this trip) — I feel it will less frustrating to work in a cafe even if the connection is working at home.

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