Finally Catching Up!!

Tonight’s upload speeds (at least for the time being) seem much improved over the last several days so I’m on the verge of catching up on uploading photos to the Penang Photos galleries.  You may have noticed that I published the “Part 4” article before I’d uploaded the photos to accompany it and then suffered tons of failed uploads — it felt like I was trying to squeeze a Chiang Mai sausage through a 7-Eleven straw!  But those photos are almost all online now and that will free me up to write “Part 5” tomorrow.  This will cover last Thursday’s wanderings — I’ll take a look at the photos as the majority were taken in George Town’s Protestant Cemetery and I doubt that a gallery showing a hundred or so gravestones hidden amongst the trees would be of much interest.  I’ll probably just upload the more significant graves — Captain Francis Light’s, for example, and that of the oldest known European burial.  It will finish out the series and I’ll then start working on my various street guides for Old Phuket Town.

I would like to remind my readers that an essential part of blogging lies in feedback.  Please leave a comment or several letting me know what you think of the photos, articles, or anything else on your mind.  I do take requests so if you’d like to read more about something that fits in with this blog’s focus (i.e., Phuket Town history, culture, or food) please let me know!  Also, let me point out the “Subscribe” button in the sidebar — by subscribing you will receive an emailed update when I post something new.  It’s a great way to stay updating without having to visit every day (and as I’m now writing more frequently you might not want to miss anything!).

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