Taking A Blogging Break

As you may have noticed, I simply haven’t had much time lately to maintain this blog during the rare occasions when I can get online.  I really do miss my laptop!  I’ve been very busy with preparing and marking Term 1 exams — the final day of school is this Friday and then we’ll have a month-long holiday.  I finally managed to gather all of the paperwork needed to obtain my work permit only to find out the school won’t be able to provide their end of the paperwork pile in time for the expiration of my visa.  Thus, I’ll be forced to do a bit of a song-and-dance with two trips outside of Thailand during my upcoming holiday (possibly missing the majority of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival as a result).  All in the constant struggle to maintain legality in the eyes of Thai Immigration…

I hope to return to a regular writing-and-publishing schedule in approximately two months’ time.

Daily Writing Totals:
This Article – 157 words
Total Today — 157 words

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