Ready for VegFest2011

Phuket Town is ready for the 2011 VegFest

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket officially begins tomorrow but there are already events going on this afternoon and evening at a number of Chinese shrines. Between 16:00 and 17:45 most of the shrines will hold a Lantern Pole Raising — the lanterns will be lit at midnight to mark the start of the actual festival. The Jade Emperor & Nine Emperor Gods Propitiation will occur between 23:00 and 24:00 tonight at either the shrines or Saphan Hin (for Bang Neow Shrine) and Surin Beach (for Cherng Thalay Shrine).

I plan to check out the activities at Jui Tui Shrine on the western edge of Phuket Town, although I have yet to purchase my white attire (required if you want to visit the shrines during the festival).  During my bus ride to Pedang Besar on Saturday, I observed procession banners and decorated shrines throughout southern Thailand; I understand it’s also celebrated on a large scale at Penang in Malaysia (where a similar Hindu festival is held concurrently, part of which I may be lucky enough to attend as I’ll need to return there within the next two weeks).

I’m looking forward to attending a large number of Vegetarian Festival events this year as I live in great proximity to a number of the Chinese shrines and I believe at least a couple of the processions will be passing along the street outside.  I particularly want to view the firewalking and bladed-ladder climbing this year as I’ve always missed them!  I should also be able to wake up early enough to attend a few of the pre-procession piercings — one needs to arrive at the shrine by around six in the morning to observe these.

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