Resurrection Time?

Phoenix: The resurrection of AsianMeanderings, August 2012I think it’s about time to try and resurrect this blog.  It has, after all, lain dormant for eight months now.  I believe that’s the longest I’ve gone without a blog since starting my first nearly ten years ago!

I haven’t taken a completely online-free break in those eight months.  I’ve become much more active on Facebook as the most obvious example.  The main reason is that I don’t have an online connection at home but can use Facebook via my mobile phone (I love my little Samsung Champ!).  In fact, I like using the mobile version of Facebook much more than the online version now.  I didn’t replace my old Acer laptop until this past May (the old one having died last August); I now have a small netbook – another Acer.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m using Facebook as more of a micro-blog than merely as a social networking site.  I especially enjoy being able to snap a photo using my phone (AKA “blurry cam”) at school and then upload that, along with a not-so-brief description of what is happening all while teaching my students!  Many of them have added me as their friends so they can see the photos when they return home in the evening.

Using my current set-up I can’t get that instant gratification with this blog, nor do I have the audience who will comment on it the way they do on Facebook.  It will be months before I can afford a phone on which the WordPress app will work.  I can only (easily) publish articles online on the days I’m working at the mall language school – currently Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  I can write them in advance and upload them when I am able to.

Despite the slight inconveniences, I’m going to try and resurrect Asian Meanderings.  I have more control over formatting, for example, and it’s easier to search through old articles. 

As before, I’ll write about whatever interests me.  Some things will stick, others will be of little general interest.  Hence the name – it will meander all over the place but will guarantee to occasionally be about my teaching experiences in Thailand, my local wanderings (and, hopefully soon, a bit further afield), some techy and music-related opinions, a probably something about books.  Basically, whatever I feel like writing when I find the time and inspiration to do so.

Enjoy the ride!


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