Angkor Trip 4: Back Home

My passport with Cambodian visa and Poipet entry/departure stamps.Now that I have been back home in Phuket for a few days, I am getting ready to write-up the trip.  For some reason, that is always the most daunting part of my travels as I always want to tell everything!

While I have already posted a few photos to my Facebook account, with detailed captions, what I have planned for this blog is a series of short articles describing various aspects of the trip, accompanied by a few photos.  I will also publish a few articles that are essentially photo albums as I did take a fair amount of decent pictures.

In reviewing my photos and video clips the past few days, I feel that my introduction to Angkor Wat was “just right” – I didn’t overwhelm myself by trying to see too much in too little time and I already have a distinct plan on what I’d like to see and do on my next visit.

I’m particularly pleased with the video clips as I tend to forget to shoot video on trips. I didn’t shoot much video at Angkor but what little I did capture (mostly in brief 15-second to one-minute clips) shows just how much my planning paid off.  I timed each temple visit to coincide during relatively “quiet” times, periods largely devoid of the huge tour groups.  In many of these shots, the lack of noise is startling and what little commentary I made was non-intrusive.  I’ll upload these to YouTube and embed them in my blog articles as they do represent the “experience” of visiting the ruins much more than mere words and photos can provide.

Look for these articles, photos and videos in the weeks to come – slowly and spaced out a bit as I am entering a busy period in my working life.

I do hope you will enjoy reliving my trip with me as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

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