Postcrossing: Sent Cards 4 and 5!


All five of my Postcrossing cards that I sent on 29 July have now safe and sound in Russia.  I didn’t receive the notification emails until today (something wrong with Gmail lately…) and neither member scanned the cards when they registered them so I’ll just report on distances and comments.

First up was another card sent to Moscow — 7,484 km (4,650 miles) away.  Postcrossing ID TH-141634 was registered on 20 August, twenty-three days after I’d sent it.  Seventeen-year-old Julia commented upon receiving it:

“Hello Mark!)

Thank you for this beautiful card) I love it!
I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer:)

Card number TH-141631 was sent to the city of Omsk in southwestern Siberia, a distance of 5,702 km (3,543 miles) from Phuket.  I’d addressed this one using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet since the user provided that.  It took 25 days to make the journey. Olga, a 23-year-old history and social studies teacher, wrote:

“Hi, Mark! Thanks for the great card! I wish you success and interesting postcrossing! :)”

The total distance that my sent cards have traveled is now 35,312 km (21,942 miles).  I still have only received the one card from Japan — 4,962 kilometers (3,083 miles). I’ll request another five addresses once I’ve received one or two additional cards…

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