Postcrossing: Received Card #2!


I almost gave up on ever receiving another Postcrossing card. But I was very happy to receive one today, given to me by my landlord as I was departing for work.  Card #KR-74605 took twenty-three days to travel 4,341 km (2,697 miles) from South Korea to Phuket, although I suspect most of that time was spent in the Phuket Town main post office as they never seem to be in any hurry to deliver what they deem “unimportant” mail.

Postcrossing received card #2: KR-74605 from South KoreaThe card that Miss Sungyoung — a 21-year-old nursing student — sent me is a very simple handmade card.  I think that’s great and I’m planning to start making my own cards once I can find some sticker-backings to put on my photographs.

Postcrossing received card #2: KR-74605 from South Korea

I can’t read the location on the postmark but according to her profile on Postcrossing, she seems to live near the town of Bongnimdong which is where Busan‘s Gimhae International Airport is located.  Sungyoung wrote:

“Hello, Mark!  Greetings from KOREA.

“My name is Sungyoung and I’m 21 y.o.  I’m a student.  My major is nursing.  I want to be a good nurse.  Some speaking about Korea.  There are many beautiful places in my country.  I think Je-Ju island is most beautiful place, so it is good place in sightseeing.

“BTW, I can’t speak English well, so even if there is an error in my grammar, please understand.

“Anyway, I wrote this card and I was happy!  I wish you GOOD LUCK!”

When I registered the card, I sent her a message that it made me very happy to read it and that her English is much better than many of my own students!

I think it’s about time to request a few more address and send more cards of my own…

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