Postcrossing: Received Card #3!


Returning home late last night soaked from a thundershower that let loose mere steps from the front door of my guesthouse, I was heartened to be handed TWO pieces of mail — the new issue of USA Philatelic (the quarterly mail order catalogue published by the United States Postal Service) and a small brown envelope festooned with Russian stamps.

Postcrossing received card #RU-1941609 from Russia.Inside was a postcard bearing Postcrossing ID#RU-1941609 and showing snow-covered fir trees. Veronica wrote:


On the postcard shows a real Russian winter šŸ™‚

Cold and snowy, br-r-r šŸ™‚

22 08 2013


Postcrossing received card #3: RU-1941609 from Russia

The photo looks like it could have been taken in New Mexico as well! And I’m intrigued by the printing on the card — “Thanks Mr. Postman!” in both Russian and English. It gives me an idea for the cards that I’m designing.

Postcrossing received card #3: RU-1941609 from Russia

Another slow-mover (Phuket P.O., again?), taking twenty-four days to travel 6,951 kilometers (4,319 miles), from Sovetsk — a city in Russia‘s Kaliningrad Oblast — to Phuket. I remember learning the name of Kaliningrad from having a few East Prussian stamps in my childhood stamp collection.

At least I’m starting to receive mail. It’s only taken 26 months at the same address for that to happen!

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