A Really Great Mail Day!

SAM_9330-editYesterday was probably the best day for receiving mail that I’ve had since leaving the States nearly a decade ago!  Not only did I receive yet another Postcrossing card (more on that in a later post), but I received five envelopes from Great Britain.

The stamps on all of this mail is nice to see (even the British definitives – I’m becoming more interested in these “Machin heads”, thanks to discovering a wonderful blog about them).  But these all contained stamps that I’ve won on eBay.  Perhaps I’ll blog about additions to my stamp collection at a later time.  I’m working on the A and B countries right now, to be included in my “A Stamp From Everywhere” (ASFE) worldwide collection, plus a few others that interest me (i.e., Pitcairn Islands and the Falklands).

It’s fun to receive mail at home again!  I don’t know what the desk staff think but they always seem to enjoy giving me my mail and looking at the stamps on the cards and envelopes.  The ones from England arrived lightning-quick – all arrived in just one week!  Yet, I’m still waiting for a postcard I mailed myself from work some nineteen days ago!!!

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