Philatelic Favorites #1: Barbados’ Olive Blossom

As a collector, I have always preferred the classic stamps of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to more modern issues. There's something about the lines of the intaglio engraving that gets my heart pumping.  The majority of these stamps were printed in just one color but there also were many bi-colors, usually with … Continue reading Philatelic Favorites #1: Barbados’ Olive Blossom

Postcrossing: Received Card #12!

The Postcrossing cards are now coming in fast and furious, which is nice because the site is approaching its 20,000,000th registered postcard.  I’ve entered my prediction for when that card will be registered in an effort to win some nice prizes: 12:05 UTC on 4 November 2013. Today’s card, #RU-206961, came from Moscow.  I’ve received … Continue reading Postcrossing: Received Card #12!

Postcrossing: Received Card #8!

This morning was one of Postcrossing firsts: my first card from Lithuania and my first card received from a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a popular collecting speciality that I want to pursue (both in stamps and postcards). My Postcrossing profile includes a request for World Heritage cards. Card #LT-318519 was sent by Kristina in Vilnius back … Continue reading Postcrossing: Received Card #8!