Postcrossing: Sent Cards #7 & 8!


I sent three Postcrossing cards last month and all three have now arrived with the two most recent being registered over the last couple of days. Card #TH-146505 was sent to Ans in the Netherlands.  She’d  requested a card showing shipping, ports, or water.  The only one I could find remotely meeting those requirements was a map-card of Phuket with watercraft dotted around the coastline.  I am on the lookout for cards picturing the colorful local fishing boats and when I find one I’ll send her an “unofficial” card.  I mailed this one on 19 September and it arrived on 7 October, taking 18 days to travel 9,544 km (5,930 miles).


The last card I sent in this batch, TH-146504, arrived yesterday at Humboldt State University in northern California, U.S.A. Taylor is a criminology major who longs to travel.  This card took some 19 days to travel 13,086 km (8,131 miles), which is the farthest one of my Postcrossing cards has gone thus far.

I have now received eight cards and seven of those I’ve sent have been received.  I still have four cards travelling (mailed this past Monday evening).  This makes a total travelled distance of:  67,391 km (41,875 miles) sent and 46,165 km (28,686 miles) received.

I will send two more cards tomorrow which happens to be World Post Day, smack-dab in the middle of International Letter Writing Week. It’s a good time to be involved in the enjoyment of snail mail…

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