Postcrossing: Received Card #12!


The Postcrossing cards are now coming in fast and furious, which is nice because the site is approaching its 20,000,000th registered postcard.  I’ve entered my prediction for when that card will be registered in an effort to win some nice prizes: 12:05 UTC on 4 November 2013.


Today’s card, #RU-206961, came from Moscow.  I’ve received more postcards from Russia than any other single country, three in all.  The stamps on the address side of the card are rather nice, and I really loved the “birds on stamps” on the picture side.  Those stamps are all from Russia as well except for one picturing an owl from the old Czechoslovakia.  Very nice!


The card took 14 days to travel 7,484 km (4,650 miles).  Maria wrote:

“Hello Mark!

I’m writing you from cold and rainy Moscow.  My name is MARIA and most of all in my life I image outline heart music (punk, rock, sinty (?) pop…) and travelling.  I’ve never been to Thailand, so say “hi” to ocean from me!  =)

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