Postal Crash

Thai Post truck crash on 'Suicide Hill' between Patong and Kathu, Phuket

Thai Post truck crash on ‘Suicide Hill’ between Patong and Kathu, Phuket

Crashes are way too common on the big hill between Patong and Kathu on the west side of Phuket. Usually, you just hear about these accidents when a tour bus goes off the road. It seems like that the drivers run away from the crash scene every time this happens. They are still searching for the driver of the Chinese tour bus which rolled off the road a couple of weeks ago, sending almost 40 students to the hospital. And they still haven’t fixed the huge section of roadway that disintegrated during the floods in the fall of 2011! This road is yet another reason I rarely visit Patong…

Yesterday, a Thai Post 10-wheeled truck rolled back down towards Kathu after attempting the hill just past the shooting range. It crashed into four vehicles before coming to a rest in the same spot as the Chinese tour bus. Fortunately, nobody was injured AND the driver stuck around to talk to police officers. I hope that none of my mail was on that truck!

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