Send Me A Christmas Card!!

imageLiving in Thailand as I have for nearly a decade, I enjoy participating in the myriad of Buddhist and Royal holidays that exist on the Kingdom’s calendar.  I also mark many of the holidays that honor the nation of my birth — Phuket actually holds an ever-grander 4th of July party each year.  But my favorite “Western” holiday remains Christmas and it is this time of year that I miss the traditions I was brought up upon the most.

Oddly enough, Christmas is vigorously celebrated throughout Thailand.  While the Thais may not recognize the religious aspects of this most Christian of holidays, they promote the “fun” aspect of Santa Claus and decorated trees are quite common in numerous shops and public spaces.  The malls play enough Christmas music that one become tired of hearing Bing Crosby and Band Aid by late November.  Just like home!


In previous years, I found it quite difficult to buy a real Christmas card in Phuket.  The shops are filled with New Year’s cards, however.  Many of these depict His Majesty the King or a variety of traditional Thai themes and are quite striking.  However, I have just noticed a small display of imported Christmas cards in one of the local book shops.  These made me realize that it’s been several years since I’ve received one of these in the mail, complete with beautiful Christmas stamps affixed.  Now that I’ve returned to collecting stamps, the absence of this part of the holiday seems even dearer.

So, I’d like to make a plea.  Inspired by a blog on which the owner requests his readers to send him a stamped letter (he’s attempting to receive one from each country in the world!), I’d like to ask that you send me a Christmas card from wherever you may be.


I will blog about the cards I receive (along with the stamps on the envelopes) in much the same way that I write about my Postcrossing postcards.  If you include your address, I’ll send you a card from Thailand in return.  I’ll add some Muang Phuket Local Post stamps to the envelope as a bonus.

Please mail your cards to:


Thank you and Happy Holidays.

4 thoughts on “Send Me A Christmas Card!!

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  2. I sent a card, but for a variety of reasons I won’t go into, it doesn’t have a stamp, but instead one of those boring but functional postage stickers the post office (or in this case a postal station at a store) prints out.

    • That’s perfectly fine, Ellen.

      You know, a couple of days ago, I tried to buy three stamps to use on postcards. The postage is 15 baht. The clerk at the mall post office only had two 15-baht stamps and was happy to sell me those. I then asked for three five-baht stamps to put on the remaining postcard (five 3-baht stamps wouldn’t have fit). She insisted it had to be 15 baht and would not sell me other stamps to equal the rate. The end result is that I, too, was forced to use a generic postage label (at least Thailand puts an elephant on their’s). Yeah, as a collector I’m loathe to use anything but stamps but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

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