The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #4, Australia (2013)




Australia has issued Christmas stamps since 1957 (the U.S.A. released their first in 1962) and, in my opinion, they are extremely hit-or-miss in their designs having some of my least favorite overall. Oddly enough, neighboring New Zealand has also had numerous ugly Yuletide stamps over the years. That trend continues this year as I’m not that thrilled with Australia’s religious-themed stamps based on a painting by Paul Newton. To my eyes, it looks a bit like something found in the Watchtower Magazine that Jehovah’s Witnesses would leave after they had tried to persuade you to convert to their religion.

However, I am quite enthralled with the four non-traditional stamps released on 13 November 2013.  These feature familiar Christmas symbols: a Christmas tree, gift, candle and a bell, designed by Lisa Christensen of the Australia Post Design Studio.  I particularly like the one with the Christmas tree, although I feel the color is nicer on the regular issue than the gilt-embossed “special edition”.

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