End Of Silence?

silent-croppThis has been one of my longest blog-silences for quite some time.  I hope to put an end to that in the near future.

I had been quite busy with work throughout February and the summer slow-down has officially begun with the conclusion of a four-day English Camp on Sirae Island last week.  I finished the school year substitute teaching Upper Primary and High School classes at Samkong School in Phuket Town, a gig I enjoyed so much that I may request a more permanent assignment there when the new term starts in May. 

My evening Conversation classes in Limelight Avenue ended rather unexpectedly when the school disappeared literally overnight (on payday!) at the end of February.  My Grammar courses with another language school continue, although many students have canceled classes until the end of the holiday season (mid-May).

Despite my teaching schedule, I have continued reading at a furious rate — a pace that has slowed to more reasonable levels just in the past two weeks, coinciding with the purchase of a new computer (finally!).  I have decided to combine the Reading Log posts for February and March into one article which will appear next week, including more than twenty books read during this two-month period.

Once again I missed the Battle of Thalang Festival, held annually in mid-March commemorating the victory of Phuket over the Burmese invasion of 1786.  This remains the only major festival on the island that I have yet to attend.  Maybe next year…

Other than two remaining evening classes (three students at Beginner level and three in the lofty realm of Advanced), I don’t have much planned for the next month.  I may venture over to Patong for the Thai New Year (Songkran) in mid-April and I continue to seek out tasty foreign food in the Phuket Town area.  These may provide material to blog about. 

I am experiencing a bit of idea-block – both for writing and for other projects such as the Muang Phuket Local Post.  I hope to get back on-track with all of my creative endeavors as soon as possible.  When I do, you will be certain to read about it here!

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