Postcrossing: Off To Holland


With the arrival of a postcard I sent to Lappeenranta, Finland (travelled 8,183km in seventeen days), I requested one more address.  My latest Postcrossing card will journey 9,519km to Amersfoort in the Netherlands.  I picked out a nice view of Thai food for Tessa’s card.  This is the 41st “official” card I’ve sent.

I recently found my original Postcrossing account, opened in July 2006; I’d changed emails and had forgotten my password but was finally able to access it.  I’ve emailed the site’s administrators asking if there was a way to combine the statistics from both accounts so I could close out the one I opened last year.  My very fist card sent bore the ID number of TH-69.  By contrast, the latest card is numbered TH-186079! 

Now that I have all of my original and current Postcrossing stats, I’m anxious to start scanning my old cards so I can write about them on my new postcards-only blog, “Please, Mister Postman!”  I also aim to become more active in my postcarding activities; I only sent fifteen cards in 2013 and eight so far in 2014.  Let 2015 be the year of the postcard!

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