Resolutions? I Think Not…


Every year, I make a list of improvements that I want to work on during the forthcoming twelve months.  By the first week of January, these “resolutions” are all but forgotten.  Last year, I even made a resolution to not make any more resolutions!  I didn’t keep that one, either.  So, in 2015, I’ve decided I’ll make a list of a few easy-to-keep goals but to call them “suggestions” rather than resolutions.  Perhaps that will work.  Probably not.

Let’s see.  I’m ending 2014 on a high point of philatelic activity.  I plan to maintain that into the New Year and beyond.  It’s something I love and that’s the sort of “suggestion” that I can follow through on.  I also would like to maintain a healthy regularity of blog entries.  While the current pace is bound to fall off soon, I don’t want to go six months without writing a single article like I did in 2014.  I do have a lot of material to blog about right now but if I can pace it out to, say, three or four articles a week rather than one (and more!) each day life would be much better on this end…

One thing that I’m a bit pissed about is that with all of the writing I’ve been doing lately, I haven’t done much in my journal.  I need to find some way to remember to do that type of writing as well to purge occurrences that I could never blog about.  I also need to get back on track with my reading but this New Year’s holiday (four days off from work in a row!) is starting to take care of that little problem.

I always seem to make the resolution to save more money and never seem to save any.  Perhaps if I suggest to myself to spend more wisely that would work.  I have been very good at meeting financial goals lately so that shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m being very choosy in what I do buy, particularly in regards to stamps and food.  The former is easier to do than the latter but I am getting better.  If I spend less money on food then, perhaps, I will begin losing weight faster.  I really want to become skinnier but nothing seems to work lately.

Along with spending money wisely comes putting money aside for much longer-term goals.  While I would really like to add a few more countries to my list of those visited and would also love to visit my family in America once again, my biggest (entirely feasible) desire is to spent a few days on remote Pitcairn Island before I turn sixty years old.  That’s just a little over a decade in the future so I’ve got a bit of work to do…

Oh, look.  It appears I’ve made some resolutions after all.  I think these will last a bit longer than my usual attempts.  We’ll see…

Good luck in the New Year at keeping your own resolutions!

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