TH-1068: Thailand-DPR Korea Relations


Issue Number: TH-1068
Issue Name:  40th Anniversary of Thailand-DPR Korea Diplomatic Relations
Issue Date: 2015-05-08
Denomination: 3 baht (2 designs)
Designer: Mr. Taneth Porchaiwong
Printer: unk.
Printing Process: Lithography multi-colour
Quantity of Stamps: 400,000 pieces per design
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet (different design)
Perforation: unk.
Size: 40.5x30mm (Horizontal – measured from perforation to perforation)
Details: Friendship Beyond Imagination

Relationship of Thailand and DPR Korea was informally initiated in 1972 with the main focuses on trading and sports.  Diplomatic relations of both countries has been established since May 8th 1975 and official visits between the countries are common.  DPR Korea has changed Office of Trade Representative in Bangkok to be Embassy of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Thailand in 1991.  The Ambassador of Embassy of The People’s Republic of China is appointed to be in charge of Embassy of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Thailand.

The commemorative stamps are originated by Thailand and DPR Korea Postal administrations to mark 40 years of diplomatic relations.  Main theme represents “national birds” in paintings which include Siamese Fireback of Thailand, one of the most beautiful peacocks that Department of Forestry has nominated as national bird since 1985, and White-Bellied Bird Hawk, one of falcon species (sleek wings) that is all-season available in northern area of Korea Peninsula.

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