TH-1071: Vesak Bucha Day 2015


Issue Number: TH-1071
Issue Name:  Important Buddhist Religious Day (Vesak Day) Postage Stamp
Issue Date: 2015-06-01
Denomination: 5 baht (3 designs)
Designer: Mrs. Veena Chantanatat
Printer: unk.
Printing Process: unk.
Quantity of Stamps: 500,000 pieces per design
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps
Souvenir Sheet: 30 baht
Perforation: unk.
Size: 36x51mm (Horizontal – measured from perforation to perforation)
Details: Thailand’s Respectable Buddha Image

Vesak Day on the full moon day of the 6th lunar month is the important day for not only Buddhists but also the people worldwide as United Nations recognized this day as the world’s important day and international holiday, in order to pay homage to the Lord Buddha who is the great man that shared kindness to all mankind and allows all religions to study Buddhism.

The stamp set of this year illustrates Emerald Buddha or Phra Buddha Maha Mani Rattana patimakorn, The holy Buddha Image of Thai person which is situated in Wat Prakaew or Wat Phrasirattana Sasadaram, adorn with three different of clothing in accordance with the seasons: summer, rain, and winter. The statue is in the attitude of meditation, crafted with the arts of Chiangsaen in Nephrite jade color. The width of the statue is 19 inches and the height from the base to the radius is 28 inches.

Based on the history, this is the statue that contains relics of 7 Buddha, and the main statue to be worshiped image for many religious rituals of Thailand.

©2015 Thailand Post

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