10 Years Ago, Part 4: Louisburg & Lawrence

This is the third of a series of photographic blogs highlighting my last days in the U.S.A. and my first full year as an expat in southern Thailand.

The 3rd and 4th of April continued my “photo tour” of places I loved as a kid living in the Midwest.  My sister took me out to the Louisburg Cider Mill.  Interestingly, the land surrounding this spot in Northeastern Kansas had once been occupied by the Confederated Tribe of Peoria which has been formed by several displaced tribes from nearby states.  Eventually, they were forced to Oklahoma and the land occupied by settlers who named the community Little St. Louis; it was renamed Louisburg when the railway tracks came through in 1870.  Visiting the cider mill was a family tradition when I was in high school.  While the apple cider is awesome, my true favorite is their Lost Trail Root Beer.

The next day saw my father, my sister, and myself driving to Lawrence – about 30 miles west of Kansas City – where we spent some time walking around Marilyn’s alma mater, the University of Kansas.  I used to drive to Lawrence frequently to browse in the cool shops on Massachusetts Street (awesome places to find rare vinyl by local bands) and to attend gigs at places such as The Bottleneck and Liberty Hall.  This particular day, an entire decade ago, we had lunch and a beer or two at the historic Free State Brewing Company.


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