Daily Phuket #5: 28 February 2021 – Getting Ready for Lard Yai

Every Sunday afternoon into the early evening for the past six years or so (well, not every week), the historic Thalang Road in the heart of Old Phuket Town is closed to vehicular traffic and transformed into “Lard Yai” — a lengthy stretch of food, souvenir and clothes stalls and shops lining both sides of the narrow street and down the center as well. On my way home from teaching this morning, I walked down the street (making a stop at John Donut where I bought a maple bacon long John that ended up being covered with ants when I opened it later).  The vendors were busily putting together their booths and a couple of guys pushing carts full of ice were making their rounds. I saw around a half-dozen tourists taking photos of the former Red-Light district and trying on Chinese costumes for photo ops. I am happy that the Lard Yai has resumed as it was shut-down for a few months last year and again in January because of the pandemic. I think I will make an effort to have dinner down here next week.


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