February 2021: The Endless Short Month

February, despite being just 28 days in length, seemed especially lengthy this time around. At least we stopped working on Saturdays early in the month or it would have been worse. We had a myriad of class cancellations for such things as giving alms to the monks, Scouting (which was just the students cleaning the school), and mid-term exams. Extra duties included marking those tests (around 500 for me), preparing for next month’s school Open House (I am to do a 10-minute drama with a class that I have yet to meet), and beginning work writing final exams. April with its end of the school year cannot get here soon enough!

Really, the month is such a blur that I am going to just present selected photos for a number of days and the details will be in the captions. Late in the month, I began a “Photo of the Day” feature on this blog so I will try to write about significant events as they occur along with a single picture. Future monthly wrap-ups, I hope, will just be a few tabulation details such as books that I finish and number of songs/albums that I listen to.

Monday, 1 February: At School

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Tuesday, 2 February: At School

My schedule on Tuesdays in extremely light — only two lessons with the first one starting at 11:30, M3/2. At the start of the month, I would often arrive to find 80 percent of the class missing and several of those who had bothered to come would be asleep on the floor or sitting at their desks. The boys at the end of this aisle is probably the naughtiest in the entire school, always fighting with other students and antagonizing most of the teachers who dare come near him.

Wednesday & Thursday, 3-4 February: At School

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Friday & Saturday, 5-6 February: At School

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Sunday, 7 February 2021: At Home (Mail Call)

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Monday, 8 February: At School (Super Bowl)

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Wednesday & Thursday, 10-11 February: At School

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Friday, 12 February: At Home

At least a couple of evenings per week, I will spend several hours adding stamps from my stock pages into my new albums. This page from Barbados is almost complete.

Monday-Thursday, 15-18 February 2021: At School

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Tuesday & Wednesday, 23-24 February: At School

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Thursday, 25 February: Buddhist Ceremonies At School

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Friday, 26 February 2021: At Home

I already shared the photos I took of my Canadian Bluenose stamp on Friday’s Daily Phuket post. I only left home to buy groceries at 7-Eleven and ended up buying two ice cream bars.

Sunday, 28 February 2021: At Central

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And so the month finally ends with me wasting a three-day weekend. I stayed at home Friday and Saturday other than one quick run to 7-Eleven Friday night.  I did a lot of school-related work both days but still have to finish composing final exams and writing a script for the Open House show. The first rehearsal is, presumably, sometime tomorrow which means I will meet the kids and present my idea and script to them. I think I have a pretty good idea but will work on that a little later.  Since I didn’t go anywhere on Saturday, I did not take a single photo. I will post one for “Daily Phuket” right after this one.  It won’t be long as I have so much to do before going to sleep.

As for today, I went to Central Festival where my agency has its offices and in-house classrooms. I taught my two-hour lesson and then went to the post office to mail ten Postcrossing cards (my first in a couple of years).  I knew that the international postcard rate had gone up recently so I did not put any stamps on these cards. The old rate was 15 baht which was always difficult to make up on a small (or large) card as the majority of available stamps here are 3-baht commemoratives.  Lately, there have been a few more 5-baht stamps but the higher value definitives are never carried at my usual outlet nor by many of the various branch offices outside of the main GPO.

When I visited this new mall office today, even the clerks were unaware of the new rate and ended up calling Bangkok GPO for clarification. They downloaded a software pack from them with the new rates (effective since 10 February!) and it amounted to 35 baht per card!  A huge increase but more in line with what many other countries charge, I believe. I decided to skip lunch as a result. Unfortunately, they did not have any stamps other than 1- and 2-baht Sala definitives so they put meter labels on the cards. I know that I would hate to receive a postcard like that!  I guess I will try stopping at the main post office next week to see if they have anything with a higher denomination (I know there were 30-baht stamps issued a year or so ago so those would be ideal along with 5-baht ones).

I did a bit of walking around the new mall looking for something to take a photo of but I was just bored so I came home. I ended up taking a nap most of the afternoon (fell asleep listening to Steely Dan) so I am now a bit behind on everything.  The internet is also very slow so I may skip all my other blogs for the evening (including “A Postcard A Day” and “A Cover A Day”). I really need to work on that script….

I suppose the only thing left to do is add some useless statistics:

Music Listened To: 850 tracks from 252 albums (2 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes)

Books Finished: 4 (meeting my goal)

I only watched one movie this month (“Bliss”) and the first two episodes of “Clarice”; I haven’t gotten around to downloading S01E03 yet.

Well, that’s it. Next month’s will be just a short summary of the useless stats and maybe a few outtakes from the “Daily Phuket” entries. Or, maybe I will just post an occasional slideshow during the month rather than saving them all for the end of March.  We’ll see….

Stay Safe, Everyone….

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