Daily Phuket #6: 1 March 2021 – Student Market

A busy first day to the week and to the month,  In most of my lessons, I went over the Mid-Term exam scores and current total points accumulated by the students before giving them a preview of the upcoming (and last) unit’s subject matter (Music).  Today was also the first on which that (foreign) teachers were allowed to confiscate students’ mobile phones if they had them out during the classes.  The school’s director spent more than ten minutes at the assembly this morning complaining about the cell phone usage during class times so I met with little resistance from those who chose to ignore the warnings.  However, during the first class of the day (M4/1) the students swapped out their phones for UNO cards as their choice for ignoring the teacher.  Thus, I collected three packs of cards in my box (which brought about a few “I love you’s” from the few students who were actually trying to pay attention to me). In another class (M3/2), I collected three phones in my box but the students stole them back as I was writing on the white board.  All on CCTV, of course, so at least those watching know that I tried….

Anyway, the upper primary students are holding food markets after school every day this week with a different class selling items each day and that is what is pictured in the featured photo.  Today, it was M3/1 and they spent most of my lesson trying to make the food they were to sell.  I tried complaining to their Thai coordinator but she said they needed to be ready by 4:00.  Well, if you can’t beat them, join them so I spent much of the hour asking them to tell me about their food item in English (new vocabulary of the day was “marshmallow” as the students had no idea of its English name). I also gave some of them some customer service tips (“At the Restaurant” is not in their curriculum this term). I sampled much of their efforts as well so I didn’t have to buy anything in the actual market.  Still, I did buy a pineapple smoothie and a bowl of Rice Krispies treats (although the cereal was some Thai copy of the original) from a couple of their booths.

The photo shows the booth featuring skewers of colored marshmallow which they then dipped in melted chocolate.  I’m not really a fan of this sweet so I didn’t even try it in the classroom.  The students seemed to enjoy making them, however.  I don’t know if they get to keep all or part of the money they earn from selling this food but I’m happy that they are learning a few skills as they need all the help they can get.

More Photos from Today:

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