Daily Phuket #10: 5 March 2021 – Doors & Tiles

Here we are at No 46 Thalang Road in Old Phuket Town. The rowhouse seems to still be a residence rather than given over to completely commercial enterprise but I will need to return sometime in the afternoon to make sure. Many of the shophouses along Thalang and Krabi roads have remained in the same families since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I wrote an entry for this blog about “The Doors of Old Phuket Town” back on 9 January 2015, with a bit of information on some of the houses. I would like to know more about the styles of tile one sees in front of and on the façade of so many of these buildings. The doorways also deserve a study. It would be nice if there was a listing of original owners (many were tin-mining barons) as well as their uses throughout the past century and a quarter. As I learn about these houses, I hope to add that information to these photoblogs as it seems to be difficult to find much in English.

Here’s another photo taken of the same rowhouse this morning. I took both while on my way to work.

It was an odd day as all of the upper primary students were involved in Buddha tests and so there weren’t any classes. I spent most of the day creating new flashcards and worksheets. I will need to write the final exams over the weekend but I do have my basic outlines done as well. I also put together a quick entry for my Philatelic Pursuits website late in the afternoon. My students cancelled their lessons for tomorrow so, once again, I have Saturday off but will work on Sunday.

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