Daily Phuket #13: 8 March 2021 – Noodle Art

Once again, poor/non-existent Internet prevented me from uploading any photos last night so this one is posting a day late. Nothing to say, really, other than this is just one example of the copious amount of street art scattered around the Old Town area. This one is on a ngo ka ki (five-foot way) outside a noodle shop on Yaoworat Road, between Phang Nga and Radsada roads. There have been quite a few noodle shops appearing in recent months including three large ones just outside of my little lane where I live. Despite these new restaurants in the neighborhood, 7-Eleven fulfills most of my noodle needs.

Although all of the GEP Upper Primary classes on Friday were cancelled for the Buddhism tests, all of my Monday lessons in the M3 level (affecting two of my classes) were cancelled as well for an unspecified “activity”. Thus, I taught one lesson at the beginning of the day and my next lesson began at 14:50. I spent the downtown writing another final exam and creating a few additional flashcard and worksheet sets. I wish I’d done a few blog-maintenance items as well but I did create a schedule page and a new issue announcement for Algeria rather than eating lunch.

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