Daily Phuket #19: 15 March 2021 – Crabby Monday

I dislike Mondays as I have a full schedule at work with many of my worst classes and scarcely a moment to breathe. Today was pretty rough as most of the students seem to be rebelling against any further lessons; several of my fellow teachers reported that their children were completely unresponsive and refused to listen to their instructions. I survived but I managed to leave my eyeglasses at work so I cannot do much reading or writing this evening as the screen is just a big blur.

I took a few photos during classes today but they are very unflattering to the students (the usual culprits sleeping in class or using their mobile phones despite repeated warnings). The photo above was shot during my walk to work this morning outside a newish restaurant on Phuket Road just north of the intersection with Radsada Road near the Old Town area. It’s called The Crab House and is located next to the original Pancake Corner and features this giant crab reaching towards the sky. I cannot remember what was in this building before but do know that it will probably be something different a few months from now.

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