Daily Phuket #20: 16 March 2021 – Monks on Parade

The days and nights are relatively the same right now with only minor variants. It is still extremely hot with the warmest time of the day coming around 10pm. The lessons are still an uphill battle against students who are becoming lazier with each passing day; even the good kids are taking after their less studious buddies and attempting to skip lessons or at least arrive extremely late. My first lesson this morning saw the first students show up more than 20 minutes late and there were straggler up until the last bell. My last class of the afternoon saw the first two or three kids wander into the classroom more than thirty (30!!) minutes late for a 50-minute lesson and as others arrived all refused to do the unit-end quiz. Luckily, I had an army of Thai teachers in the hallway helping to herd the students into the front and back doors. Only two more weeks of classes remaining.

Due to the craziness of the day, I did not take a lot of photos but did snap the above while on my way to the school. During my morning walks, I do see a fair share of monks seeking out tamboon (alms) but most of those travel individually with a pair of monks being a very rare sight indeed. This morning, I spied this group of five walking together. It must have been some sort of special Buddhist day as there was another similarly-sized group further up the road accompanied by a small pickup truck with a loudspeaker blaring traditional music. While I have donated items to the temples and individual monks before, I have always done so through an intermediary rather than do the ritual myself. One day, I hope to overcome this shyness.

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