Daily Phuket #24: 21 March 2021 – Chinese Post Box

Saturdays have become my stay-at-home and work-on-stamps day now that my weekend classes have all been shifted to Sundays. This week was no different as I got an early start scanning recent arrivals (mostly classic stamps from Austria and Norway) and then adding many of them to my albums later in the day. In between, I did quite a bit of reading and finished my first book of the month, Steve Berry’s The Kaiser’s Web. Sunday morning, I traveled to Central Festival and taught for a couple of hours. I did some grocery shopping before heading home, buying ingredients for my planned taco dinner. This was the first Mexican meal that I have cooked since leaving Albuquerque some 15 years ago. The tacos were quite messy (the shells being too narrow at the top so I had difficulty adding the meat and toppings) but certainly were tasty. I tried to get comfortable in the very hot apartment and started another novel, Alan Furst’s Under Occupation.

Most of the postal boxes dotted around Phuket Town are the modern Thailand Post rectangular style. I’ve already posted a photo of one with an earlier cylindrical shape. This one, sitting outside of the main Kasikorn Bank branch on Phang Nga Road is my favorite with more of a Chinese design than a Thai one. It is a popular selfie-site and I often see brides-to-be posting next to it. The bank itself is also a very photogenic structure, particularly when lit up at nighttime. I will try to get a nice shot of it sometime soon to post here.

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