Daily Phuket #25: 22 March 2021 – Big Red Cows

Mondays and Fridays are my busiest days at school with barely enough time to sit down between lessons. This is the last semi-full week of teaching, broken by the Open House on Thursday which is all the school seems to care about right now. We all assumed that we had until Wednesday to finish preparing the materials for our booths but were told this morning that everything had to be finished today. Most of us hadn’t even started; I have my materials gathered but need future board to serve as a backdrop to hang the items upon. They also told us today that we each had to have stations to play games with the students after the morning shows. So now we need to put together game materials as well. Love the last-minute additions to an already hectic week. At least the children will be taking their final exams starting next Wednesday so everything is nearing the end.

Dairy cows are not really a part of the Thai landscape and there certainly are not any milk farms on Phuket. Yet, these two red cows stand outside a shop called Milkland just behind the lane where I live. I have not been inside this place but I assume it’s some sort of milk bar. Probably with the weak and watery milk that one sees here, most of which does not seem to need refrigeration. I generally stay away from that liquid, preferring some of the different kinds of soy milk. Thais enjoy these types of animal displays (the more outlandish the colors, the better) and I will try to shoot a few more in the coming days or weeks.

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