Daily Phuket #33: 5 April 2021 – Early Marking

I am already sitting in the foreign teachers’ office at my school getting ready to mark the last 120 or so of the final exams taken by the students late last week. The stack on the right are those that I have finished; the ones on the left are the tests that I still need to grade and submit score for. I estimate that I should be able to finish around 9a.m. (about ninety minutes from now). I must say that it is quite pleasant being in the school without any students at all; there is no sound at all — not even the “sporty girls” who live in the classrooms near our office are awake yet. Once I finish these exams, I don’t know what I’ll do the remainder of the week — our contract is through Friday, 9 April. I should have some time to work on my various blogs and other projects. Well, time to start marking….

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