Daily Phuket #37: 9 April 2021 – Until We Meet Again

And so we have reached the final day working at our school. The students left a week ago and the teachers have spent the past few days trying to stay occupied and warm (the foreign teachers’ room has Arctic-cold air-conditioning). Much of my time for the past two days has involved trying to remedy issues with my website, mostly related to the webhost “upgrading” its servers. For now, those issues seem to have been resolved and I can begin to think about what I will do during the upcoming holiday. How long that holiday will be is a big unknown at this point as the province is now seeing its first COVID-19 cases in months and nobody knows what the next few days will bring. Already, my in-house (weekend) students have had their lessons cancelled until at least the middle of May. Travel on and off the island may be completely banned in the near future. We had planned a camping trip in Krabi next week but have now decided that it isn’t such a great idea.

I took a few photos around the school grounds when I arrived early this morning. I chose one at random for today’s featured picture and the others are in the slideshow below. I do not know when we will be back but the best-case scenario sees the new school year starting on 17 May. But the way today is going, we may have to start the year teaching online rather than seeing the students in the classrooms anytime soon. We all remember how well that went the last time! Anyway, we are saying our farewells this afternoon, “until we meet again…”

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