Daily Phuket #44: 25 April 2021 – Free Pizza!

Today was pretty much the same as the previous five days or so. I read for a few hours (just got the new Anne Hillerman novel, reminding me how much I really do miss New Mexico) and spent most of the remainder of the day and evening working on website updates and scanning “new arrivals”. I am almost finished with the big stack of items to be scanned; as I am nearing the bottom of the pile, the received marks are dated in early October 2020!

The rain squalls continued off-and-on all day and we have another one that just began as we near midnight. I like the rain when I do not have to go outside. Although today’s showers have been quite heavy at times, at least the wind has behaved rather than trying to rip the roof off of my apartment building. The rain also help me to decide what course my food purchases would take, and making it easy to choose what kind of photo I would share….

Now, I only eat pizza perhaps once every other month and when I order online, I usually buy just one pizza. Today I noticed that there were a few promotions going on and that a few coupons I had would wipe out much of the price. It turned out that I also had a few codes that worked in the check-out process and I ended up getting three pizzas completely for free! The only part of my order that I paid for was the baked penne with cheese and barbecue chicken for 99 baht (less than USD $3). Even the delivery was free. What I got were two thin and crispy “medium” pizzas (about the size of a U.S. small from Pizza Hut) — one with cheese, extra cheese, the other was supposed to be “Chicken Trio” which I thought was just three different kinds of chicken but there are jalapenos and mushrooms on it and perhaps one kind of chicken (not bad at all!) — and the 18-inch “New York” pizza (double pepperoni) which is my favorite chain pizza in Thailand. It reheats really well for about two or three days.

Anyway, I will have to go out tomorrow as I am almost out of beverages (my new desk is right next to the fridge so I just reach over whenever I am thirsty which is quite often!). There are also some new stamps being issued by Thailand Post tomorrow so I will walk over to the Philatelic Museum to buy them in the afternoon if I get my text (the clerk there sends me a photo when the stamps arrive).

My only other plan for tomorrow? More reading, more website updates, a bit more scanning (almost done!), and perhaps I will put some more stamps in an album. So exciting!

Here’s the rest of my pizza order from this afternoon….

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