Daily Phuket #51: 11 May 2021 – 9 From Yesterday

As I didn’t get outside today, as planned, I thought I would just present a few photos that I took yesterday during my brief foray “out in the world”. It turns out that I need to venture out again tomorrow as the bank needs me to sign a few more documents (the twenty I signed yesterday apparently not enough). At least that will give me the opportunity to correct two mistakes I made while doing my shopping — I forgot to purchase barbecue sauce and used the last few dribbles tonight and I decided the cheese wasn’t so expensive after all as it will make for much, much better sandwiches.

Well, here are a few shots from my Monday afternoon at the big shopping center in the middle of the island…

This is the bridge between the two jumbo shopping malls owned by the Central Group right smack in the center of Phuket island. It is usually completely packed at this time of day with people looking for a restaurant to eat lunch in.
This is the heart of the “new” mall (it opened about three-and-a-half years ago) but it is difficult to find any people at all. There are a few mannequins on the second floor and I spotted a few employees ducking into one of the staff areas as well as some kids and adults but this is a ghost town.
Believe it or not, that’s an elevator at the edge of the old mall.
Essentials. I was so happy when I discovered dill pickle slices at this grocery store rather than the ubiquitous gherkins and other strange tiny “pickles”. They are a German brand called Hainich and are very tasty although a bit pricy at 194 baht. Still, the jar usually lasts me two or three weeks used sparingly on my sandwiches. The tin foil is needed to keep French fries and chicken nuggets, etc. from sticking to the pan in my toaster oven. Of course, these still stick to the foil but they don’t burn as bad. Someday I will discover where they hide the cooking spray! Or, maybe I should buy an air fryer after I start having an income again.
The only times I drink Coca-Cola anymore is when I ride the local bus back into Town from Big C. It’s really refreshing on a hot day and usually lasts almost all the way home, apart from melting ice. This particular day, I am holding an empty cup as I walk to the spot on the side of the road that people leave garbage to be picked up. There are very few roadside trash bins in the center of Phuket Town and I have never figured out why. They are sorely needed!
Say Hi, Phuket!
Selfie with a teacher-themed face mask. I now carry at least one or two spares, just in case!
Beer Sound looked to be open during the afternoon. I may have to stop and check out the menu while I’m out and about tomorrow. Next door is the infamous short-time Siam Hotel, not a recommended destination even if there weren’t a raging pandemic. Looks like Monday is laundry day.
Yellow arches. Maybe I need a McDonald’s hamburger instead. I’ve only had one in all of 2021 so far and that was at least two months ago!

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