My “Real” Thanksgiving Feast

As I was walking home from the bus stop after my hour-long class Thursday evening, I realized that it was American Thanksgiving back home. As I do most weeks, I stopped at the small open-air market and purchased a small portion of my frequent dinner — two of my three favorite vendors were either not present or had already sold out of food.

Nevertheless, by the time I got home I decided to film a short video about what I called my “holiday feast.” It’s the first video on my YouTube channel that I have had since last January. I am calling anything that I upload there my “Shaky-Cam” productions. Feel free to comment but please be kind! Bear in mind this was spur-of-the-moment (unscripted) and filmed on a pretty cheap phone.

I remained awake all night working on a few projects and joined my immediate family for a small get-together via ZOOM. I was fairly groggy and not in the best of moods (poor Internet connection and failing screen on my new (mid-July) computer contributed to my rather sour disposition). Still, I enjoyed the conversation and we will make another attempt next week. It took me a while to fall asleep after the call and I awoke around 2:30 in the afternoon absolutely ravished.

The screen on my fairly new Acer all-in-one is in terrible shape although everything else works well. I just cannot read anything (it flickers as well as being in ugly colors). Someday soon, I hope, the Acer Service Center in Phuket will open and I can get this thing repaired. Under warranty.

As there were more roaming heavy showers yesterday afternoon, I decided I would order some food to be delivered. I spent perhaps an hour perusing my food apps before finally “settling” on Burger King (Sizzler was a very close contender as well). I took advantage of several promotions they were offering and ended up with way too much food. This truly was my Thanksgiving feast — stuffed to the point of going into a “food coma”, and thankful that it arrived rather quickly and wasn’t too expensive (around US $13 was the total damage).

Plastic bag of goodness
Onion rings and box of tempura nuggets
I like Burger King’s tempura nuggets much better than McDonald’s McNuggets.
59-baht Chicken Crisp Sandwich was rather bland. Here, the 29-baht Pepper Chicken is much preferred…
The Barbecue Beef Hamburger came on an onion roll but I wasn’t too pleased. In addition to the BBQ sauce and bacon, there was also tomato, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise. It would have been great if it was just the burger, sauce and pickles, perhaps a slice of cheese. This was just a bit too messy for my tastes.
I was already at my consumption limit while eating the BBQ Beef Hamburger and still had the hash browns and another burger remaining. Since hash browns are my favorite BK menu item after the Whopper, I forced them down before they got too cold. It was a struggle. I usually eat these first and don’t know why I saved them so long this evening.
It was nearly an hour before I attempted to eat the final item of my feast. This was the Double Beef Cheeseburger.
This was ice cold by the time I got around to eating it. I would have had the same result if I had saved it for the following morning after the rest of my food had had time to settle. It tasted good, but I felt really bad the rest of the evening. I probably felt worse than after a standard Thanksgiving meal — stuffed but with the knowledge that there were NO left-overs.
Burger King doesn’t send along nearly as many condiments as does KFC or Pizza Company but they do send coupons!

I think that I may have to splurge for a proper holiday meal sometime in the coming month. There will be more than a few restaurants on the island offering nice Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve specials. It might be cause for celebration if the schools re-open and I return to full-time work (right now, I only have about eight hours of classes per WEEK). I also might feel safer about sitting in a crowded restaurant by then (still a bit anxious about COVID clusters).

I don’t order Burger King very often so this WAS a treat for me (and the only time in recent memory that I did not order a Whopper). Soon, I will sort all of the photos that I have been taking of my meals and snacks from 7-Eleven into one blog post. I have been trying a few new items along the way (the wonton and pork soup I had tonight was a real stand-out). Perhaps I will make another food video as well. Stay tuned….

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