Daily Phuket #88: 2 December 2021 – Thai Snowman

One sees all sorts of “odd” things in Thailand, most are attempts at Instagramable backdrops. Take this “snowman”, for instance. When I first noticed it in my local market last week, there was a cluster of attractive women waiting to have their photographs taken with the thing. A new use for old tires. Does it put you into a festive spirit? I suppose it does for Thai people who can only dream of a white Christmas and their chance to make a real snowman out of real snow. For that, I think they will need to travel at least as far as South Korea. Good luck.

Bonus photograph: I took the opportunity today (my one-hour class had been cancelled) to wear my new shirt from Mexico for the first time. This was a gift from my sister who travelled to Cancun with her husband and son back in July, duly sending the package to me upon their return to Kansas. It finally arrived about three weeks ago in the first (and only) batch of mail that I have received from overseas since sometime in April. Another pandemic side effect…

It didn’t start raining until I began the journey home.

One thought on “Daily Phuket #88: 2 December 2021 – Thai Snowman

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