Daily Phuket #97: 15 December 2021 – Students Spelling

In preparation for their weekly spelling test, the girls reviewed their words and had to draw a picture of each one. It is students such as this trio that make these hour-long classes a real joy. They are always enthusiastic and love to learn. I wish all of my students were this well-behaved. I look forward to seeing them each Tuesday and Wednesday.

A few bonus photos from this day…

All through Phuket Town, crews were fixing the sewer drains that run under the sidewalks. There was a lot of overflow while I was waiting for my bus and it was quite smelly as we drove through the middle of town.

My view eastward down Thanon Phang Nga right after I get off of my phorthong bus coming home from work. The Cook is a very good restaurant with a chef who once worked at one of the west coast’s huge resort hotels before opening his own place. I highly recommend the Thai-fusion pizzas (including masaman and tom yung gung varieties). They have a pizza truck that can be found at local markets (including Limelight on Thursday evenings).

Cue Bar is open once again; I suppose they are selling food to get around the rules on bars having to remain closed until mid-January. I never see more than a few people inside but perhaps it picks up later in the evening. It is right next to the old Talat Yai Police Station, having moved north from its old location near Phuket Town’s first movie theatre on Th. Phuket.

This alley on Th. Thepkrassatri leads to a few new eateries (and, I presume, places to drink). It might be worth a stroll down it some evening when I have a bit more time….

Sweet Shop on Th. Thepkrassatri has placed a holiday topper on their giant cone. I will make an effort to stop for an ice cream later this week….

The view eastward down Th. Thalang east of the intersection with Thepkrassatri. I believe the lights over the road are left-over from Chinese New Year two years ago.

One of the iconic symbols of Phuket is the Sea Dragon as the island is roughly shaped as one. There is a story about how the sea dragon became an island but I will have to look it up another time….

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