Daily Phuket #102: 22 December 2021 – Thai Style Pizza Truck

A recent change to my local market has been the addition of several food trucks. The Cook is a restaurant on Th. Phang Nga in Old Town which specializes in Thai-fusion comfort food and their pizzas are quite popular. I first tried their Masaman pizza around 10 or 11 years ago but the last time I had one from their food truck was during an Old Town Festival with a good friend from England who died in Bangkok a year-and-a-half ago. I thought of Jay as I ordered a pizza tonight and recalled introducing him to the closing finale of the Vegetarian Festival one year as well as to the Sunday walking street (Eleven Two & Co. being our main hangout as was a long-closed bar on the next road over).

At any rate, I was very happy to bring a Pizza Bolognaise home after ordering from The Cook’s pizza truck in the Indy Market. It really hit the spot after my evening class at Central. I may have a Thai flavor pizza next week.

I headed towards our mall-based offices in the afternoon and noticed that they were installing a New Year display opposite the clock tower/police station at the corner of Phang Nga and Phuket roads. It was nicely lit by the time I passed by on my way home. If further COVID-19 restrictions aren’t instituted before next Friday, I believe the area will be site of Phuket Town’s main (free!) New Year’s celebration. The competing event on this side of the island will be a concert by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli at Saphan Hin but attendance requires proof of three vaccinations and a negative COVID test; I am not certain of the admission cost for that one.

One more Christmas tree, this one guarded by two very loud dogs in the shop….

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