Daily Phuket #104: 24 December 2021 – Chopper Santa (And Santy, Too!)

This morning, my new school put on one of the most elaborate Christmas presentations that I have experienced in a Thai government school. I took many photos throughout the day and will save most for my “Christmas In Thailand, Part Three” blog which I will post sometime tomorrow (Christmas Day!).

The highlight of the festivities was a parade led by P1 students (who are around 6 or 7 years old). These kids are in something called the Mini-English Programme (MEP) and study in the classroom right next to my new office. As a result, they are constantly straying into our room in a never-ending supply of cuteness. They were all dressed as elves today with the exception of one girl wearing a Christmas tree costume; she is quite shy and wouldn’t stop crying as she was different from all the other kids. We all took turns trying to calm her down.

A sleigh followed the little kids and this was, in turn, followed by Santa Claus. Our South African teacher rode in on what they call a “Big Bike Chopper” in Thailand although it is laughable when I think of my father’s Harley back in Kansas. The pinion rider seat was occupied by a high school student dressed as Santy. This is Thailand’s rendition of Santa’s companion. I am not sure if there is still a Mrs. Claus and Santy is his mistress (a mia noi — minor wife — is an accepted part of most Thai marriages). Still, the revving of the engines and the final appearance of Santa and his companion was a big hit during the assembly. It certainly beat the skinny Egyptian Santa Claus of yesterday’s assembly.

Here is a brief video of Santa and Santy’s entrance….

After a 90-minute morning assembly, we had a three-hour mini-English camp with different stations of activities. I manned the Christmas Bingo station which was a lot of fun (I have a long history of manning activity day Bingo games). But, it is getting late — twenty minutes until midnight — so I will post more photos of today’s Christmas fun in a final holiday 2022 post sometime tomorrow. I hope to walk a bit around Phuket Town tomorrow capturing more Yuletide cheer as I didn’t go out after returning home from work this afternoon.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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