Interest Renewed?

The past few months have seen a lot of changes in my life, more bad luck than I care to admit but also a ray of sunshine that keeps me trying to move forward from day to day. As a result, I have not felt inspired to blog (or to do much of anything) for months now. My last entries were on 1 May (Philatelic Pursuits) and 30 April (Asian Meanderings). I hadn’t even looked at any of my blogs since sometime in May!

For the past few years, since the height of my daily entries on A Stamp A Day, blogging consumed a huge part of my limited free time. The philatelic-oriented writings became very labor-intensive to the point that I no longer enjoyed making them. The Coronavirus Pandemic saw a severe drop in my workload (and income) that continues to this day; as a result, has become a financial burden that I can no longer bear.

That burden is what has led to a few changes made to my primary blog at this point in time.

My plan is to consolidate most of my online presence into this one site, newly changed from the Asian Meanderings moniker. The blog had been under that name since June 2011 but I always struggled with it as much of the content had nothing to do with Asia other than the fact that I live here. Using my personal name as the URL and site name will allow me to post (conscious-free) whatever interests me on any particular day that I decide to write.

Some days, the content may be about something that happened at school. Other days, I might write about a new stamp that caught my eye. Or a book that I am reading or some music that I’m enjoying. Perhaps something else entirely. I do not know what I will write about next but I do know that I am starting to get the itch to write again. Soon.

I was looking back over some of the entries I made more than a decade ago and like how many followed memes created by other blogs. I may revive a few of those such as “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”, “Wordless Wednesday”, “Friday Finds”, “Saturday Snaps”, and “Sunday Salon”. I also plan to go a bit lighter on the number of photos that I post.

At any rate, I am a bit distressed by the fact that this entry is only my TENTH since New Year’s Day! My personal goal is to attempt at least another ten entries by the beginning of October. Will I succeed? I hope so….

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