Stamps of Thailand 2022: Asian-Pacific Postal Union

Today, 29 August 2022, Thailand Post released a single 3-baht stamp in sheets of 10 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU). The history of the APPU dates back to a postal roundtable held in Manila in 1961. At that meeting 18 countries met to draw up the Asian-Oceanic Postal Convention, which came into force on 1st April 1962. In due course additional members have made it an inter-governmental body of 32 countries.

The APPU was based in Manila for the first 40 years of its history in recognition of the role played by the Philippines Government in its establishment. Since 2002 the APPU moved to Bangkok and the Director position was open to election by the member countries. The Director is chosen at the APPU Congress for a term of four years, with a maximum of two terms.

The APPU is made up of the three bodies of Congress, Executive Council and APPU Bureau. Representatives of the member countries of the Union meet in Congress not later than two years after holding of each Universal Postal Congress in order to revise the Acts of the Union, if necessary, and to consider, as necessary, other postal problems of common interest to members.

The Executive Council (EC) comprises all the member-countries of the Union and meets in principle once each year. The Bureau serves as a medium of liaison, information, inquiry and training for member countries.

APPU also runs the Asian-Pacific Postal College (APPC) founded in 1970 supporting the training and development of member states’ postal staff. The APPC is also based in Bangkok.

The Asian-Pacific Postal Union (as well as under its original name of Asian-Oceanic Postal Union) has been honored with a number of stamp releases over the years. A few of them appear below, mostly on first day covers.

The Philippines, 1970
Thailand, 1985
Papua New Guinea, 1990
India, 1995
Thailand, 2012
People’s Republic of China, 2012
People’s Republic of China, 2012
The Philippines, 2012
The Philippines, 2012
The Philippines, 2012
Sri Lanka, 2012
Sri Lanka, 2014
Pakistan, 2015

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