New Postcrossing Stamps 2022

Updated 7 September to include the Estonian Postcrossing stamp as announced on the Postcrossing Blog.

Within the next month, Estonia, Luxembourg and Germany will each release single stamps marking the Postcrossing project, established in July 2005. I joined in late June 2006 and wrote a little about my early experience on my Postcards to Phuket blog on my tenth anniversary as a Postcrosser, displaying a card I had created for that anniversary quite some time later. Currently, there are about 803,000 registered users from 208 countries on the site. More than 68,350,000 postcards have been sent and received with almost 350,000 travelling to their destinations right now.

In addition to sending and receiving cards (although I am fairly inactive at the moment), I have avidly collected Postcrossing-themed stamps as a topical collection. Only a very few are issued each year which makes it fairly easy to compile a complete collection. In 2018, I put together a listing of those that I knew about at that time for my Philatelic Pursuits blog, a version of which is still accessible on the old WordPress-hosted site. I plan to update that “catalogue” at some point in the near future, adding the 2019 through 2022 releases as well as a few earlier stamps that I missed during the original article.

Luxembourg – 13 September 2022

Post Luxembourg will release their Postcrossing stamp on 13 September 2022. The Postcrossing Blog announced the design and details on 24 August; there will be 100,000 copies of the stamp printed by Bpost using the lithography process. It was designed by Stina Fisch and will have a face value of €1.40 which is the standard rate to Europe. For postage for the rest of the world, one will need to add €0.35 to meet the current rate of €1.75. It can now be ordered from Post Luxembourg Philately.

To mark the launch of this stamp, the following Saturday (17 September) will see a Postcrossing Meetup in the capital. Members will meet at 10:30 at Glasis (near the Theatre tram station) and then proceed on a sightseeing walk and postcard shopping before dining at Qosqo Ville Restaurant. That afternoon, from 13:00 until 17:00, the special cancellation will be available at the Aldringen post office.

Estonia – 1 October 2022

1 October 2022 will see the release of Estonia’s first Postcrossing stamp. Designed by Triin Heimann, it has an international rate denomination of €1.90. A stamp launch event will be held on the issue date at the Original Sokos Hotel Viru in Tallinn. The stamp and first day covers can now be ordered from Ominiva (the philatelic branch of Eesti Post).

Germany – 6 October 2022

On 25 August, the Postcrossing Blog announced Deutsche Post’s new Postcrossing stamp, denominated €0.95. It is slated for release on 6 October, sandwiched between World Postcard Day on 1 October and 9 October’s World Post Day. Details at the time of writing are scant, other than it was designed by Greta Gröttrup and that a meetup is planned to be held at the Museum of Communications in Berlin on 7 October, complete with its own special cancellation.

With these three latest issues, 21 different postal entities have now issued a total of 64 Postcrossing-themed stamps. Five countries have released stamps in this topical during multiple years. In addition, there have been several items of postal stationery and many personalized items over the years I have most of the regular stamps in my collection, some on first day covers or maximum cards. I have never received one on a Postcrossing exchange, however, and would love for that to happen some day. My updated listing of these should be ready for publication soon, hopefully in time for World Postcard Day.

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