Stamps on the Tube Ep.1: Ted Talks Stamps

One of the inconsistencies with YouTube is that it doesn’t always display the date a particular video was uploaded. So, I cannot tell you when the first episode of Ted Talks Stamps first aired. I can tell you that Ted Tyszka started his YouTube channel in February 2020 and that Episode 1 has been there for “2 Years”. At any rate, Ted currently has some 4481 subscribers and his videos have received more than 317,600 views.

Ted’s videos cover the entire range of philately and I have learned a lot from watching them. For example, the very first video featured “the series of 44 stamps issued by Poland between 1986-2000, picturing Kings, Queens, Princes, and Dukes, over an 800 year span of time, from Poland’s beginnings as an independent state, in 960, under Mieszko I, until the breakup of the Polish-Lithuanian Union in 1795, under Stanislaw August Poniatowski.” I love descriptions like that as it tells you exactly what you are going to see.

The most recent episode — #77 — is the eighth in a series that Ted calls “Philatelic Tidbits” and includes “the only stamp for Tierra del Fuego; a couple of fancy cancels from the 19th century; and a philatelic scam from 1990, involving ‘The Face On Mars’.” Along the way are many unboxings of kiloware and dealer orders, viewer top 10 stamps lists, recommendations of albums and other collecting supplies, profiles of famous philatelists, and so much more. Viewers gain insights into Ted’s personal collecting preferences particularly what are termed “unusual stamps” and his love of jazz.

While I could recommend any of a large number of Ted’s videos to feature, I chose one that may be somewhat more timely than when it was first aired “2 years ago”. That is Episode 4, “Collecting the Postage Stamps of Ukraine.” Enjoy….

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