Christmas Stamps 2022: Hungary

On 25 October, Magyar Posta of Hungary issued a single self-adhesive Domestic-rate stamp as this year’s Christmas release.

From the information sheet:

Magyar Posta is issuing a self-adhesive definitive stamp marked Domestic as the indication of value in standard and special editions for sending seasonal greetings at Christmas in 2022. The standard edition is in sheets of fifty stamps, while the special edition is a miniature sheet of five stamps. Carlo Maratta’s painting The Holy Night appears on the stamp this Yuletide. The new issue was designed by the graphic artist Attila André Elekes and produced by Codex Értékpapírnyomda Zrt. The new releases will be available at first day post offices and Filaposta in Hungary from 25 October 2022, and may also be ordered from Magyar Posta’s online store.

The painter Carlo Maratta (1625-1713) is considered the principal master of Late Baroque Roman Classicism. He fashioned the art of the Eternal City in the second half of the 17th century, especially with his large altarpieces. Early in his career, between 1651 and 1656, he was commissioned by Flavio Alaleona to paint the chapel of St Joseph in the church of San Isidoro in Rome. This included a lunette fresco depicting the Adoration of the Shepherds. Maratta copied the central scene from this fresco, which is the Nativity of Jesus shown on the stamp and the accompanying first day cover (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden). The Mother of God and her Child and the outer two angel heads are exact replicas of the fresco in Rome.

The press sheet of 50 stamps is enlivened by visual elements on the barcode and festive greetings in Hungarian, English, German and French on the selvedge. A grid, which was previously removed during printing, aids separating the stamps from the sheet. The flexo printing process is complemented with gold-coloured ink for the sheets of 50 stamps and gold-coloured foil for the miniature sheets.

This year between 27 November and 26 December 2022, customers may again send their season’s greetings with a special Christmas postmark for a fee. This Christmas Postmark service may be requested at any post office. The standard versions of the postmarks using green ink as well as the mark “Karácsonyi Posta” (Christmas Post) can be seen on the right.

  • Issued on:
    25 October 2022
  • Face value/selling price:
    (On the date of issue equivalent to postage of HUF 160 paying for a domestic non-priority letter up to 50 g, or a postcard or picture postcard.)
  • Printing technique:
    flexo + gold-coloured ink for sheets of 50 stamps and gold-coloured foil for the miniature sheets
  • Number of copies:
    dependent on demand (initial print run of 900,000 stamps (50 stamps and 10 barcodes per sheet), 6,000 miniature sheets (5 stamps and 1 barcode per sheet)
  • Perforated size:
    26 × 33 mm
  • Imperforated size of miniature sheet:
    29 × 220 mm
  • Paper type:
    self-adhesive, matt eco-paper
  • Printed by
    Codex Zrt.
  • Source:
    © Cultiris / AKG-Images
  • Designed by
    Attila André Elekes

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