Welcome, February!

With the new month, comes new plans and ideas. January was a fresh start. February looks poised to continue the momentum.

As far as this blog is concerned, the month will see a change in content. Starting tomorrow, all new Stamps of 2023 articles will be posted on the rebooted Philatelic Pursuits blog. Previously published stamp-related articles will remain here but, eventually, I hope to copy many over to Philatelic Pursuits, updated and reformatted as needed.

What will appear here?

The next installment of “Thainess” should appear sometime later this month discussing the concept of face and what happens when it is lost. The “Sunday Summary” articles have been a feature of the blog for 24 weeks now and I plan to continue those for the time being. I am considering closing the My Collections blog and moving the non-philatelic content to this site. There might even be a few continuations of memes last seen many years ago.

Since I have moved away from Phuket Town for the first time in nearly 15 years, I hope to start writing about things to see and do in and around Kata Beach. My current location in the bustling seaside tourist resort is much different than the historic cultural center I was in. I should probably change the site’s header image as well.

Another idea that I am entertaining is to share some of the educational materials that I have created for my classes during my nearly 20 years as a teacher in Thailand.

Welcome, February! I think it’s going to be another extremely active blogging month.

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