Sunday Summary #35

Welcome to Sunday Summary, the meme in which I attempt to summarize the week that came before.

This is going to be a VERY SHORT addition to the “Sunday Summary” series as, really, NOTHING HAPPENED this week nor did I take ANY PHOTOS! Well, neither statement is completely true. But my productivity levels are way down due to the weather and the very few photos I took this week were of teaching materials that I already used in the relevant blogs.

The Weather: Thailand recorded its highest temperature “in history” (as the national press likes to say) last week, officially reaching 45.4 degrees Centigrade (113.72 degrees Fahrenheit) in the town of Tak — about 420 km northwest of Bangkok. Here in Phuket, the Meteorology Department issued an “extreme heat” warning stating we would have a heat index of 54.0 (“extremely dangerous”). Whether or not it actually reached that high level, it was extremely uncomfortable and my laptop kept overheating Thursday and Friday.

In fact, I kept overheating too! My apartment is not air-conditioned — it’s just a typical Thai concrete cube and the one ceiling fan just cannot cope. Thank goodness I have a refrigerator so I could drink copious amounts of cold liquid — soda and plain water (the latter often placed in the freezer first). I spent most of each day just laying on my bed under the fan reading and watching the occasional YouTube video between computer shutdowns.

Relief came temporarily late Saturday afternoon as the wind picked up and it finally rained for an hour or so. When I went out to dinner later that evening, it was downright chilly. Today wasn’t so bad but it was still too hot to do much and so I feel like I wasted the entire weekend.

When I talked to Kan early in the week, she said the heat was making her crazy and then she ended up getting sick. I hope the monsoons start soon to bring us all some relief (pretty soon, we will all start complaining about the rain again!).

I still haven’t heard anything about the rapidly approaching new school year. I think I will send my agency a text within the next couple of days letting them know I am here and waiting. I also need to spend a few nights this week cleaning out my old apartment in Phuket Town so I don’t have to pay rent on it this coming month. Most of the things I want to keep are here in Kata but I still need to bring over some clothes, a few books as well as a bit of furniture (desk, dresser drawers and my last two bookshelves). Now that Bolt and other similar services have now been declared “illegal” in Phuket, I am not sure how I will move these big items.

And that really is all I have to write about for this week’s Summary. Next week will see the aforementioned move, and I hope to continue blogging about creating teaching materials (three long introductions now out of the way) and proceed on updating new stamp issues for my Philatelic Pursuits blog.

I hope the upcoming week is significantly less hot!

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