My Book Collection

Over the course of the next few years, I plan to catalogue all of my various collections and create entries as I go along.

The first of these will highlight My Book Collection. At the present, I have around 1500 eBooks and perhaps another 200 physical books (I had a much, much larger library before I relocated from the U.S.A. to Thailand).

This will be a long-term project, constantly in an unfinished state as I am doing all of this manually. I will start with the eBooks, listing them alphabetically by the authors’ last names. Clicking the thumbnail book covers will take you to entries detailing the books along with my own read or unread stats. I plan to use a variety of sources to make sure each book has full details (it annoys me when the metadata in the calibre e-book management program is blank). Many will have at least one extensive review as well (by professionals — I have never been good at reviewing books or music).

After the books, I plan to create a similar catalogue of my music collection. But that will probably be a few more years down the line…