Stamps of Thailand 2022: Asian-Pacific Postal Union

Today, 29 August 2022, Thailand Post released a single 3-baht stamp in sheets of 10 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU). The history of the APPU dates back to a postal roundtable held in Manila in 1961. At that meeting 18 countries met to draw up the Asian-Oceanic Postal Convention, … Continue reading Stamps of Thailand 2022: Asian-Pacific Postal Union

Thainess Part 4: Spirit Shrines

Various animist practices have also been integrated into Thai religious life. Belief in ghosts and spirits is strong in Thailand, stemming from traditional pre-Buddhism beliefs, and you’ll notice miniature shrines set up in villages and cities throughout the country. The houses, called San Phra Phum, or shrine of the guardian spirit, are part of a … Continue reading Thainess Part 4: Spirit Shrines

Ukraine Independence Day 2022

August 24 marks the Independence Day of (modern) (День незалежності України), celebrating the 1991 Declaration of Independence (Акт проголошення незалежності України). This was adopted in the aftermath of the coup attempt in the Soviet Union on 19 August, when hardline Communist leaders attempted to restore central Communist party control over the USSR. In response (during … Continue reading Ukraine Independence Day 2022

Christmas Stamps 2022: United States

September 15, 2022: Holiday Elves (Set of 4 Stamps - North Pole, Alaska) The Postal Service evokes the holiday spirit with four new se-tenant stamps featuring a colorful digital illustration of elves preparing toys on a winding conveyor belt in a snow-laden forest. Like many beloved Christmas traditions—including Santa Claus himself—elves did not become a … Continue reading Christmas Stamps 2022: United States