Stamps of 2023: Australia (January 2023)

Jan. 3, 2023 Special Occasions Australia Post's first set of the year was "Special Occasions". Released on January 3, there are ten designs available in gummed and self-adhesive varieties in sheets or booklets plus a miniature sheet that contains one copy of each design. There was also a "Wedding Collection" with a prestige booklet and … Continue reading Stamps of 2023: Australia (January 2023)

Christmas Stamps 2022: Australia

On November 1, Australia Post issued its Christmas stamps for 2022 with five gummed stamps, five self-adhesive booklet stamps, a miniature sheet of the two religious stamps from this issue, along with the usual assortment of first day covers, PNC's, gutter strips, maximum cards, etc. According to the postal administration's press release, In a year … Continue reading Christmas Stamps 2022: Australia

The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #4, Australia (2013)

Australia has issued Christmas stamps since 1957 (the U.S.A. released their first in 1962) and, in my opinion, they are extremely hit-or-miss in their designs having some of my least favorite overall. Oddly enough, neighboring New Zealand has also had numerous ugly Yuletide stamps over the years. That trend continues this year as I'm not … Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #4, Australia (2013)